See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, Sign No Evil

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Hey you deafies!  I received this email from one of my dear friends and thought I’d share with you for a good chuckle!  Enjoy the picture!

Homemade Sign Language

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Hello.  I’d like to share with all of you with some of my homemade sign language.  I might make another vlog with more homemade signs.  If you have any homemade signs that you’d like to share with us, please go to and look for my vlog.  Leave your homemade signs on the video comments.  It’d be fun to see how others communicate with homemade signs!

Should I take ASL class to improve my signing skill?

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Hello!  I’m asking y’all if I should take ASL class to improve my sigining skill.  Do you think I need it?  Please do let me know how you would rate my signing skill.  I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana – know anyone nearby that teaches ASL class?  I don’t mind paying for the class.  Thanks!

Six ASL Signs for Memoirs

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My vlog’s about creating three stories by using six ASL signs for memoirs.

1. Wedding
     Walk along aisle
     Exchange Rings
     Kiss (Mmwah!)

2. Gallaudet
    (have zeal) to learn
    Kiss fist (love it)

3. Buying a house
    Save money
    Look around
    Finally own home

You can look at other three vloggers for their ASL signs of memoirs.

todos la vie on deaf discourse

Deaf Roger

Waving With My Deaf Hands

 Why not you create vlogs about your memoirs and share them with us!

Hey Deaf Friends!!

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How I got nickname for vlog/blog site?

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Here is my vlog about how I came up with name for my vlog/blog site.  Enjoy!

Need monitor window cleaning?

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Then click here!!!  LOL…. 

Cute, isn’t it??  😀